"We create a pattern with wood. It's a good accent for a lot of different spaces," says Regina Reaves, regarding the board and batten feature on the wall.

A Flair To Remember

Designers add focal points to Ballantyne spaces

By Michelle Boudin | Photos courtesy of R & R Interior Design 365

Interior designer Regina Reaves was asleep one night three years ago when her husband Robin took action, launching their joint business venture while she slept soundly next to him. “He ordered business cards, created social media accounts and formed the company.

“We’d talked about doing it for years and always said we’d call it R&R. When I woke up, we had a company called that. I was completely shocked.” Regina says.

Since then, R&R Interior Design 365 has worked with commercial and residential clients across the Carolinas and beyond, including several in the Ballantyne area.

Robin and Regina Reaves make up R & R Interior Design 365.

The couple has been married for 13 years. They met in Charlotte when both were working at the same HomeGoods store. Regina recently worked for a property management company, making all the paint selections, remodeling the clubhouses and setting up model homes. Robin works as a Realtor, and the two realized they both had a flair — and a passion — for design.

“I come up with a lot of the ideas, and then he does all the sketches,” Regina says. “He’s behind the scenes, coordinating with the vendors, doing all the renderings. He’s an artist! He draws everything up and does all the mood boards. He even does special artwork for some of our projects.”

One of their signature touches: They do board and batten accent walls to add texture to a space. “That’s our staple, the thing that people recognize us (for). … We create a pattern with wood. It’s a good accent for a lot of different spaces,” Regina says.

She and Robin love to play with color, even if they must convince clients to take a chance. “I always tell people I don’t want to use a color in their home that they don’t like, but we don’t do a ton of neutral spaces.”