The flexible spaces and thoughtful features at Stream Park will provide for unique experiences and evolve depending on the time of day or user.

Ballantyne Reimagined


Connecting people with inspiring spaces

By Christina Thigpen

On the heels of the rezoning approval in June for Ballantyne Reimagined, the Northwood team is working diligently to bring its master plan to life. Ballantyne is known for its abundance of nature and green spaces, and Ballantyne Reimagined reaffirms this commitment. The redevelopment provides a rare opportunity to transform, at a large scale, the car-centric Corporate Park on a golf course to a people-focused, walkable mixed-use destination set within a natural environment.

The project’s energy and emotional connection are palpable. “We thank Mayor Lyles, City Council, County Commissioners, NCDOT, CDOT, City/County staff and our community for recognizing the potential of Ballantyne Reimagined,” says John Barton, president of Northwood Office. “We’re excited to continue to work together to make Ballantyne an even better place for all to enjoy.”

The ‘heart’ and ‘soul’ of the project are the Stream Park and Amphitheater. They will reconnect and create new green spaces and natural ecological systems. Serving as a complementary venue destination, they will spark new energy.

“Our vision will transform Ballantyne into a new social district that inspires creativity, connectivity and overall well-being,” says Hailey Rorie, community director at Northwood Office. “It will become a destination that supports Northwood’s commitment to the community, and the potential we have to make a positive change in our region is really unique.”

The flex play zone area will exude a welcoming spirit and focus on fun.

A Community Park for All

A focal point of the redevelopment is the concept of a signature, eight-acre Stream Park, designed and programmed with multiple uses in mind. As the heart of the project, Stream Park represents integrated connections on all levels, both literally and figuratively. Linking the surrounding trail network, natural stream, green lawns and the Amphitheater, the setting will be inviting and welcoming.

“We wanted to create a place that can be a world-class park built on play for all ages,” says Rhett Crocker, president and CEO of LandDesign, a land architecture firm for Ballantyne Reimagined. “We wanted to provide enough outdoor ‘rooms’ and programming for every occasion, whether you work, live or visit here.”

Crocker adds that it’s essential for parks to evolve and grow with the community. The goal is to have enough spaces that are flexible and can provide different programming opportunities, dependent on the time of day or user.

“Your experience should not always be the same – that is the magic. We wanted to create ‘that place’ where you are comfortable with your kids, hanging out with friends during lunch or in the evening, or passing through on a jog or bike ride. This will be the front door for Ballantyne Reimagined – and it’s important to welcome everyone with an immediate impact,” Crocker expands.

The theme of play is a major focus. It will be carried out through the Stream Park experience, with concepts such as an event lawn, hammock area, beach, landform green, porch, flex play zone and food truck plaza under consideration.