Celebrate Your Story through Photography

Photos by Little Nest Portraits

Within minutes of Ballantyne, a new, family focused treasure is poised to become your favorite place. Welcome to Little Nest Portraits – a unique family photography studio that’s passionate about helping families tell their personal stories in a fresh, relaxed and joyful way.

As parents, we are caught in the endless struggle between documenting our families’ adventures and enjoying our time with one another. With the advances in smartphone camera quality and infinite inspiration on Pinterest and Instagram, parents are feeling increased pressure to create and curate an ongoing stream of moments. There’s always that nagging feeling that we’re not quite getting it all done.

Little Nest Studio owner Indre Both knows the struggle all too well.

“As a mother, I know how overwhelming it can be to live up to the constant desire to design one-of-a-kind experiences, lasting memories and beautiful images for our children. Our kids are our greatest and most cherished treasures. We want what’s best for them, and we want to deliver something meaningful.”

Indre’s Little Nest studio, located at Waverly in south Charlotte, is an oasis for parents and children alike. The warm and welcoming staff, stylish and cozy surroundings and all the amenities make you feel like you’ve entered the home of a close friend. But the real magic is in the way her team helps busy, active families create and document memories in a fun, relaxed and personal way.

Little Nest offers a special membership program that makes it easy for families to pop in multiple times throughout the year and receive digital files from each session. Even better, members have a partner in curating the images and in creating annual photo albums and wall galleries for their home.

Families with newborns will love the safe, clean and professional atmosphere that the Little Nest team provides in the studio, helping you feel comfortable and cared for as you celebrate your new arrival with heart-melting images. A comfy and quiet space to feed your baby is always available, and there are extra diapers and wipes on hand if needed.

Newborn parents who join the membership program will be sure to melt over the three-minute video the Little Nest team produces for you at the end of your baby’s first year! Brief snippets are filmed at the Newborn, Sitting Up (six-month), and 1st birthday sessions.

“At Little Nest, my dream has been to create a space where families come to celebrate not just milestones, but everyday moments and achievements.”

— Indre Both

Member families who have passed the newborn stage will love creating the StoryGram from a signature occasion like a cake-smash birthday session to a whimsical “dress-up” session where little ballerinas and superheroes can take center stage.

“At Little Nest, my dream has been to create a space where families come to celebrate not just milestones, but everyday moments and achievements,” says Indre. “From a lost tooth to a soccer success, to a well-loved stuffed animal that accompanies your child everywhere — these are the little things that add up to a life well lived. We are excited to be able to partner with parents to make sure these moments are always remembered.”

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