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Faces introduces you to people who make Ballantyne lively and interesting. In this edition, meet Janine DeFeo, Marcus Burley and Si-Jeun Jane Armbruster. Responses have been edited for clarity and brevity.

Janine DeFeo

Hometown: Cherry Hill, New Jersey

Job: Co-founder, Teal Butterfly

Typical day

Writing and reading emails, attending meetings, creating awareness campaigns and promoting events on social media.

Ballantyne resident?

Yes, in Thornhill, for 25 years this past May.

Favorite charity

Teal Butterfly. It gives us a platform to promote awareness and funding for Ovarian Cancer initiatives at both Levine Cancer Institute and Novant Health.

Marcus Burley

Hometown: Richmond, Virginia

Job: Owner, Saladworks

Media to recommend

“The Banker.” Any real estate investor like myself should watch that movie to see the power of real estate and owning land.

Ballantyne resident?

I live in Waxhaw, NC.

Favorite charity

Habitat for Humanity. Everyone deserves a roof over their heads. It’s amazing how the organization provides housing for families in need.

Si-Jeun Jane Armbruster

Hometown: Rock Hill, South Carolina

Job: Principal, Providence Spring Elementary School

Media to recommend

I listen to audiobooks, most recently John Grisham’s “Time for Mercy.” For podcasts, I listen to “Smartless,” “No Stupid Questions” and “Comedy Gold Minds.”

Ballantyne resident?

I have lived in Pineville for 17 years.

Favorite charity

Ronald McDonald House because it provides a home away from home for families of seriously ill children. My sorority supported this charity, and I’ve had loved ones use their facilities.