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Photos by Ray Sepesy

Faces introduces you to people who make Ballantyne lively and interesting. In this edition, meet Vonda Huss, Brittney Bogues and Allen Starrett. Responses have been edited for clarity and brevity.

Brittney Bogues

Hometown: Born in Baltimore, Maryland, Raised in Charlotte

Job: Owner, Bogues Consulting Group

Typical day

Listen to a morning sermon, pray and meditate. Work out. Get ready for the day. One day I could be grabbing tables and linens for an event or heading to a TV station to help a client with an interview.

Ballantyne resident?

Yes, I have lived in the area on and off for more than five years.

Local place where everyone knows your name

Le Petit Spa.

Vonda Huss

Hometown: Forest City, North Carolina

Job: Chief Human Resources Officer, Brighthouse Financial

Typical day

Workout at 5:30 a.m., then off to work. Weekends include tennis, golf and fun with friends.

Ballantyne resident?

Yes, for 29 years. Before it was known as Ballantyne.

Local place where everyone knows your name

Ballantyne Country Club. We’ve been members for more than 15 years.

Allen Starrett

Hometown: Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Job: Attorney, Starrett Law Firm

Typical day

Coffee, meetings, client work, gym, volunteering and family time.

Ballantyne resident?

Yes, since 2006.

Local place where everyone knows your name

Fior Ballantyne.