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Get to Know Your Neighbors

Photos by Ray Sepesy

Faces introduces you to people who make Ballantyne lively and interesting. In this edition, meet Robert P. Russo, Priscilla Davis and Dr. Sanjiv S. Lakhia.

Robert P. Russo

Hometown: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Job: Founder and CEO, Independent Advisor Alliance

Typical day

Start off at Orangetheory Fitness and then head to the office for meetings of all kinds. Nights are spent with my wife, two sons and 13-year-old Australian cattle dog, Bentley.

Ballantyne resident?

Yes. I have lived in Ballantyne Country Club since 2013.

Local place where everyone knows your name

The Crown Club at Spectrum Arena. I am a longtime fan and proud supporter of the Charlotte Hornets!

Priscilla Davis

Hometown: Rock Hill, South Carolina

Job: Teacher and Owner, Sew Fun! Parties and More…

Typical day

At home, it involves creating a pattern, designing and sewing a new project, emailing subscribers and creating posts for social media. At the studio during classes, it involves helping students understand pattern instructions and demonstrating new or challenging sewing skills.

Ballantyne resident?

Yes, we moved to the area 19 years ago.

Local place where everyone knows your name

Hobby Lobby. They know I teach sewing and ask what I’m making.

Sanjiv S. Lakhia

Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio

Job: Physiatrist (Doctor, Osteopathic Medicine), Carolina Neurosurgery & Spine Associates

Typical day

Morning meditation and exercise, a full day of offering nonsurgical care to patients with back and neck pain, evening dinner and activities with the family, meeting my wife on the couch around 9 p.m. to exhale.

Ballantyne resident?

I have lived in Marvin for about five years but spend most every weekday at the Ballantyne office.

Where everyone knows your name

Ballantyne Barbershop. They have great cuts and great laughs.