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Faces introduces you to people who make our community lively and interesting. In this edition, meet Lora Robbins, Carlos Cuevas and Mona Alabbas. Responses have been edited for clarity and brevity.

Carlos Cuevas

Hometown: Chicago, Illinois

Job: Senior Director, Finance, Brady & Kosofsky, PA

Typical day

I work for a real estate law firm. I wake up energized to work alongside peers and the functional areas my team supports. I am fortunate to have an exceptional team that keeps me levelheaded.

Media to recommend

“Medici” on Netflix. It’s about a peasant family who, through politics, became bankers to the Pope during the Renaissance in Florence. They were also aesthetes — highly sensitive to art and beauty.

What brings you joy?

Children and pets.

Lora Robbins

Hometown: Plainfield, Indiana

Job: Executive Vice President, RT Specialty

Typical day

I wake up before the kids to exercise and set my intentions for the day. When not traveling, I drop my son off at school and head into the office. No single day is the same (one of the things I love about my career), but every day I work with our agency partners to bring creative solutions to the table on tough property risks.

Media to recommend

I love TED Talks. I recommend the ones by Amy Cuddy to new employees beginning their careers.

Something new you have tried

Wake foiling. It brings a whole new dynamic to the watersports world because you no longer must stay right behind the boat to “surf” the wave.

Mona Alabbas

Hometown: Amman, Jordan, in the Middle East.

Job: Branch Manager and Vice President, First Bank

Typical day

Weekdays: Executing on the First Bank Promise to help our clients achieve their goals by providing financial solutions and building trusted relationships. Weekends: family time, traveling for basketball tournaments, watching sports in general, dining at local restaurants and shopping in the area.

Words of wisdom

Do not limit your challenges; challenge your limits. – Source unknown

Favorite charity

Anything and everything to help children learn and grow in a healthy, positive atmosphere. If they are equipped correctly, we will all have a better and brighter future.