Members of the board, Guild of Charlotte Artists

The Guild of Charlotte Artists

Local creative group celebrates 75 years

By Krisha Chachra  |  Photos by Daniel Coston

Keeping an organization alive for three-quarters of a century is no easy feat. Shefalee Patel, president of the Guild of Charlotte Artists, credits the group’s longevity to its ability to adapt.

“We’ve managed to stay relevant by changing the face of the Guild to include artists from all backgrounds, cultures and walks of life,” says Patel. “We have been intentional about attracting new members and excited about celebrating 75 years of supporting artists.”

The Guild of Charlotte Artists was founded in Charlotte in 1948 to promote all local artists through creating community and fellowship and to offer gallery opportunities for its members.

“Years ago, there weren’t many places where artists could come together and collaborate in Charlotte. Now, there are many organizations like the Charlotte Art League, which spun out of the Guild, that support artists of all kinds,” Patel explains. “The Guild hopes we can partner with organizations like the Charlotte Art League to celebrate our 75th year.”

Membership in the Guild costs $50 annually, and the organization has grown to over 135 artists since Patel took the helm in September 2022. Artists in watercolor, oils, pastels, acrylic, sculpture, photography and mixed media are all represented.

Board members and guests enjoy the winter show in February 2023.

“Anyone can join. If you are creative, you are welcome,” says Patel. “We believe art brings us together despite differences.”

Patel says local artists who join can participate in art shows and award ceremonies the Guild hosts throughout the year. For example, in February, the Guild sponsored a judged art show at Christ Episcopal Church and awarded cash prizes to some of its members. The Guild also promotes members’ art on its website and includes links to artists’ social media pages and online galleries to help promote works for sale.

The Guild’s monthly meetings from September to May are open to the public and start with a five-minute “show and share.” The organization meets at the Mint Museum on Randolph Rd. on the fourth Wednesday of every month at 6:30 p.m. Meetings consist of networking and an educational program and presentation. The next meetings will be held on March 22 and April 26, 2023. (See sidebar for details.)