Investing in Infrastructure

The Ballantyne® campus is now more convenient and connected

As part of Ballantyne Reimagined’s rezoning efforts, Northwood completed an in-depth traffic study of the 535 acres encompassing the Ballantyne® campus. The traffic study results led to 21 intersection improvements throughout the development, including multiple new roads.The new roads — Lower Avenue, connecting Ballantyne Commons Parkway and North Community House Road, and Upper Avenue, connecting Johnston Road and North Community House Road — provide more convenient options for office customers, residents and visitors to get around.

Upper Avenue connects to Brixham Hill Avenue at Johnston Road and runs past The Amp Ballantyne™ to North Community House Road, connecting the west and east sides of campus. In addition, the Johnston Road, Brixham Hill Avenue and Upper Avenue intersection has been improved, including the widening of turning lanes and right-only egress out of The Ballantyne Hotel’s main entrance.

“Making Ballantyne more accessible — whether through driving, riding, biking or walking — aligns with our priorities to provide multimodal transportation options and improve connectivity in the area,” says Clifton Coble, senior vice president of development, Northwood Office.

“These new streets represent the ‘best in class’ of mobility investment in Charlotte, and their rapid execution demonstrates Northwood’s commitment to the City of Charlotte to invest together in Charlotte’s future,” says Ed McKinney, special assistant to the City Manager, strategic mobility, City of Charlotte.

(1) Johnston Rd. - Upper Ave.

Northwood Office continues to explore ways to make the Ballantyne campus even more connected. In the spring, the firm will launch a free shuttle for office customers, providing an even more convenient option to access nearby dining and retail services.

“The extensive infrastructure improvements that are being implemented in connection with Ballantyne Reimagined will not only mitigate the traffic impact of the new development but will also create valuable new mobility options for everyone in the surrounding area,” says Charlotte City Council Member and District 7 Representative​ Ed Driggs. “The City of Charlotte appreciates its partnership with Northwood Office in realizing these improvements as well as the many advantages the Ballantyne Reimagined investment as a whole brings to South Charlotte.”

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