Member of the Family

Get to know cute local pets

By Jodi Werner Greenwald | Photos courtesy of Carrie Boling

In this web-only feature, we highlight residents’ best friends. In this installment, we introduce to you, Aly Jayne Boling.

Aly and her brother, Scooter, were adopted separately, but they have since had a playdate, and their adoptive families still keep in touch.
When her family bikes around Hilton Head, Aly Jayne rides in the "princess trailer."
"Our daughter Finley wanted Aly Jayne on her birthday cake," says Carrie. "The fabulous head baker at the Blakeney Harris Teeter, Patty, made it for us."

Aly Jayne


Cairn Terrier mix


9 years (or so)


Shannon, Carrie, Colin, Finley and Claire Boling

Adoption story:

“We adopted Aly Jayne from Furever Angels Animal Rescue of Charlotte,” Carrie says. “The rescue picked up Aly and her brother from a kill shelter in South Carolina. They were marked to be put down that day, but the rescue saved them.”

More about her name:

“The rescue called her Angel. We weren’t in love with the name, but we wanted to keep something that started with an A. We all liked Aly and thought she needed a middle name, so we added Jayne.”

Daily Routine:

“She wakes us up with a little dance every morning. I make her food in the instant pot: organic rice, beans, a protein and vegetables. She absolutely loves it. She dances before each meal at the microwave as it heats up. She likes to chase my daughter’s lacrosse balls, too.

Favorite places around Ballantyne:

“The Greenway by Trader Joe’s and Andy’s on Rea Road (she gets the Pup Cup). We like to bike as a family, and she sits in the “princess carriage” with our youngest. The princess carriage is a child-seat trailer attached to my husband’s bike. She comes on almost every family vacation. She comes to Hilton Head every summer and bikes the trails of Sea Pines.” 

Defining character traits:

“She nudges your hand to pet her constantly.”

Favorite food/treats:

“Blueberries and peanut butter.”

Anything else to share about her?

“We were also put in touch with her brother, Scooter’s, adoptive parents. The dogs have had a playdate, and we still keep in touch with the family and share photos of the siblings. Our family is obsessed with her. We are so glad we decided to rescue instead of buying from a pet store or breeder.”

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