Member of the Family

Get to know cute local pets

By Michael J. Solender

Photos courtesy of Chris Carter

In this web-only feature, we highlight local residents’ adorable pets. In this installment, we introduce to you, Chief Carter.

Software developer Chris Carter wanted a Scottish Terrier because he says, "They can hike and play for long periods of time or also just be ok hanging out and sleeping all day.”
Chief's Instagram page, @chiefscottie, has more than 5,000 followers.
Chief's regular routine is wake up, eat, go for a walk, play, sleep and repeat.

Chief Carter


Scottish Terrier


13 months


Dad – Chris, a software developer for a start-up company in uptown Charlotte

Adoption story:

“I wanted a dog for a while,” says Carter. “Specifically one I could raise from a puppy. I did a lot of research on the type of dog that was going to fit my lifestyle. I found Scottish Terriers as a breed matched up well with who I was and how I live my life. Scotties can be both active and relaxed. They can hike and play for long periods of time or also just be ok hanging out and sleeping all day.”

Carter looked on the American Kennel Club (AKC) Marketplace and found Scottish Terrier puppies in Nashville, Tennessee. The dogs were not from a breeder, but rather an owner who had a pair and discovered by accident they’d had puppies. Carter went to Nashville and picked Chief from among the litter when he was only five and a half weeks old.

“Getting a puppy so young is unusual as typically new owners get them from breeders at between eight and 13 weeks,” says Carter. “But Chief’s owner was leaving town, and I had to get him or miss out. I picked Chief from the litter because he had an unusual white spot in his chest that set him apart.”

More about his name:

“I like the reference to Native Americans,” says Carter. “Chief just fit. I like that name.”

Daily Routine:

“I’ve trained him in English and German,” says Carter. “And he responds to both. I wanted to chronicle his life throughout his ‘puppyhood,’ so I have taken a picture of him nearly every day since I got him.”

Carter created an Instagram account (@chiefscottie) for Chief, and to date, it has more than 5,000 followers.

“His regular routine is wake up, eat, go for a walk, play, sleep and repeat after I get home from work,” says Carter. “He doesn’t think that much about his Instagram followers but is very comfortable with the camera and knows what that is all about.  I’ve had advertisers reach out to me. I had an artist from England reach out to me to commission him to be on some of her products like scarves.”

Favorite walks around Ballantyne:

We just moved from the Element South Apartments, off Johnston and Marvin Roads,” says Carter. “There’s a dog park there on the property. Chief also enjoys William R. Davie Regional Dog Park, the Four Mile Creek Greenway and Lower McAlpine Creek Greenway. Chief loves the Anne Springs Close Greenway in Ft. Mill. He met some animals there including a donkey, which was exciting for him.”

Defining character traits:

Stubborn and independent

Favorite food/treats:

“He likes salmon and surprisingly, bananas,” says Carter. “He really enjoys them.”

Do you live in the Ballantyne area and have a pet you’d like us to consider for this feature? Send an email to with the subject line “Member of the Family” along with your contact information and a photo of your pet