Member of the Family

Get to know the cute pets of Ballantyne

By Michael J. Solender

In this web-only feature, we highlight Ballantyne-area residents’ adorable pets. In this installment, we introduce to you, Jaimes Frankincense Gilewicz.


Mom, Nicole, says she was a dog person before Jaimes came into her life.
Nicole isn't sure what Jaimes does all day while she's at work, but Jaimes likes to get into things.

Jaimes Frankincense Gilewicz


Short-haired house cat, may have some Siamese


About a year and a half


Mom – Nicole, a front-office coordinator for a financial advisory firm in Ballantyne

Adoption story

“I adopted her last February,” says Gilewicz. “The family of a girl my son was dating couldn’t keep her because the mother was expecting. Jaimes was only a couple months old at the time. I’d always been a dog person and never had a cat before. I never knew cats could be so loving! She came into my life when I was going through a tough time, and I fell in love with her. I can’t imagine life without her.”

More about her name

“When I adopted her, her name was Frankie,” says Gilewicz. “I named her Jaimes, but to keep part of her previous Frankie name, I made her middle name Frankincense.  I’ve always liked masculine names for girls. When I was little, I had a favorite story about a vacuum cleaner whose names was James. I’ve always liked that name. I added the ‘i’ in the middle to give a different touch and a bit of femininity.”

Daily Routine

“Every day when I wake up and open my bedroom door, Jaimes is there waiting for me,” says Gilewicz. “She hangs out with me when I’m getting ready for work. She is mischievous, swatting at my hairbrush and getting into boxes and bags. I’m not exactly sure what she does all day when I go to work, but I know she plays with my hair ties. She is always right at the door to greet me when I come home from work.”

Favorite walks around Ballantyne

“I recently moved to the Element South Apartments in Ballantyne,” says Gilewicz, “And Jaimes doesn’t leave the house much. But she does have her own pink carrier bag for when she goes to the vet.”

Defining character traits

“She is hilarious, pretty and very, very loving. She gives me lots of kisses. Occasionally, she’ll bring me her toy mice as presents.”

Favorite food/treats

“She loves Trader Joes cat food, treats and tuna. She doesn’t drink tap water; she drinks filtered water.”

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