Member of the Family

Get to know the cute pets of Ballantyne

By Michael J. Solender

In this web-only feature, we highlight Ballantyne-area residents’ adorable pets. In this installment, we introduce to you, Winston Yogi Wyatt.

Uncle Jay, Winston and Dad Kyle
Winston is the "shop dog" at NC Velo and loves his job as the store's ambassador.

Winston Yogi Wyatt


Golden Retriever


Two years old


Mom – Annie, Dad – Kyle, Uncle – Jay, Cousins (NC Velo shop employees) – Mitch, Keith and Mirza

Adoption story:

“Two years ago on our honeymoon on Italy’s Amalfi Coast,” says Kyle, “My new bride, Annie, told me there was a small, furry surprise waiting for me when we returned home. We were living in New York at the time and Annie arranged for Winston’s adoption from a kennel in Boston. Winston came into our family in May, just before we moved down to Charlotte, later in the summer of 2016.”

More about his name:

“Somehow, it just struck me that he should have a British-sounding name,” says Kyle. “Yogi comes from Yogi Berra, the Hall-of-Fame baseball player who is from St. Louis, where I grew up. The name fits Winston perfectly because he loves to play ball.”

Daily Routine:

Kyle and his brother, Jay, own and run NC Velo in Blakeney. The bicycle sales and service shop organizes rides and provides cycling accessories and support. Winston is the “shop dog” and comes to work Monday through Friday, greeting customers, “helping” with repairs, and watching over the shop.

“Winston definitely has a fan club,” says Jay. “Customers come specifically to see him and give him treats. He has a laid-back personality and is friendly with everyone.”

Favorite walks around Ballantyne:

All around Blakeney and up and down Rea Rd.

Defining character traits:

“Winston is super friendly,” says Kyle. “He loves kids especially and always wants to come to work. He knows his role in the shop, and he is perfectly suited as our ambassador.”

Favorite food/treats:

“Winston loves lamb,” says Kyle. “He’s allergic to chicken, so his special treat is lamb.”

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