The Asif family purchased products similar to the ones shown in this photo.


More Room to Cook

Queen City comes to the rescue

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and Sabreen Asif wasn’t entirely satisfied with hers.

Three and a half years ago, when the Asifs first viewed their 2005 Ballantyne home, they knew they would need to renovate the kitchen. For one, there was no hood over the range. The family cooks with a lot of oils, so they knew grease would accumulate on the cabinets surrounding the stove, and it did.

The second thing was the fridge; it just wasn’t big enough to accommodate a family with different diets. With a vegan daughter requiring separate food products, the family needed more storage space than what they had. So, Sabreen finally began the shopping process in June.

“I’ve had experience with (other brands) in my previous Piper Glen home,” she says. “But I wanted something better, which would last me longer.”

What would stand up to the constant cooking with oil and be able to store all their food? The answer was Sub-Zero Refrigeration and Wolf Cooking appliances.

“I had a (different oven) and I wanted to move away from that to a Wolf because, based on the reviews and experiences of different friends of mine, Wolf is top of the line,” Sabreen says.

After settling on Sub-Zero and Wolf for the array of appliances, she went to Queen City Audio Video & Appliances and found a beautiful showroom and met salesman Abe Chahal. With Abe, Sabreen got the one-on-one customer service and attention she needed to feel confident in choosing appliances for her new kitchen.

Sana and Sabreen Asif

“Abe was able to walk me through the point system that Sub-Zero and Wolf offers and get my custom hood, and all the appliances in a very short time.”

Sabreen ordered her products with Abe by the end of September, and they arrived at her home mere days after the renovation began on Oct. 10 — quite a quick turnaround for an order that large.

Sabreen adds that it was her first experience with Queen City Audio Video & Appliances and would recommend the store to anyone looking to purchase new appliances.

“It was a great experience working with Queen City,” she says.