Pretty Flowers

The Ballantyne’s florist looks to make things beautiful

By Jodi Werner Greenwald | Photo by Raymond J Photography


Ballantyne native Krissy Tutino is the new florist for The Ballantyne, A Luxury Collection Hotel, Charlotte. She worked at the flower shop in Harris Teeter at Ballantyne Commons East for 10 years before leaving in 2019 to start her own business, Jolie Florals. When arranging flowers at home, Tutino advises placing the heaviest blooms, like hydrangeas, toward the bottom. Or select one type of flower to keep things easy and elegant. Responses have been edited for brevity.

How did you select your company’s name?

I was sitting at a cafe in Paris with my husband. I always say, “I’ll make you something pretty.” My husband said, “How about ‘Pretty Flowers’? What’s ‘pretty’ in French?” And there you go. Jolie Florals felt right.

Any challenges when arranging for The Ballantyne?

The flowers must be tough enough to hold up to the temperature fluctuations from heating, air conditioning and the entry door opening and shutting all day. The biggest challenge has been the flower shortage during the pandemic. It’s forced me to go with the flow. I promise a look rather than a specific variety or color. I am the most creative when my back is against the wall.

How often do you switch out the flowers?

Every week. If you come to the hotel on Friday, you will find something new and completely different than the week before.

What inspires you?

I am inspired by color and season first, then lines and texture. When I shop for flowers, I am a kid in a candy store. Something immediately catches my eye, and I go from

there. I am always thinking of how to make things pretty. When I go for a walk on the greenway, I’ll see a fallen branch that has a fun line to it, or shopping in a store like Crate and Barrel gets me with the different hard goods and fabrics. Just like that, a square wine glass will inspire next week’s look.

Do you keep fresh flowers in your home?

Absolutely! They make it feel polished and make me happy. Right now, I have big “Pink Floyd” roses in my kitchen. My house is mostly white and gray. The pop of hot pink is so cheerful.

Anything else to share?

I remember when the “Ballantyne Resort” was under construction. There was a countdown on top of the hotel to completion. It was so exciting! I feel really connected to this community, and I love being a little part of making it beautiful.

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