How to arrange picture-perfect shelves

By Erika Silverman, E-Sloane Interiors

Photos by Ray Sepesy

Styling shelves is a lot like taking a selfie: it may take several attempts before you get that Instagram-worthy shot.

In the world of home décor, it’s called a “shelfie.”

Like a selfie, it takes a good amount of arranging and rearranging before you achieve that perfectly styled shelf. For most people, this can be an overwhelming challenge that can lead to over-done or cluttered shelves.

To assist you, we have styled one shelf three ways. Whether you’re more of a Glamorous Go-Getter, Serenity Seeker or Cultured Traveler, these layouts will help you turn simple shelving — such as the Glasgow Horizontal Bookcase-Project 62, shown here, at Target for $100 — into an eye-catching, artful display.

Go ahead — get your #shelfie on!

Glamorous Go-Getter

Shown here with a predominantly feminine vibe, glam is known for its glitzy metallics, striking art, extravagant textures and quirky accessories. The black and white color palette against bold pink accents sets the tone. The brass elements create a sense of chic. For texture and more glam, add a shag rug and a furry pouf.

White and Brass Lamp, At Home, $55; Faux Pink Flowers, HomeGoods, $20; Gold Vases, Black Lion, $14/S, $17/M, $20/L; Dripping Lips Print, HomeGoods, $25; Lips and Eyelashes Print, Hobby Lobby, $14; Gold Text Print, At Home, $7; Little Face Vase, Pier 1, $8; Coco Chanel Book Set, 2 Twenty 2 Interiors at Black Lion, $170; Gold Platter, HomeGoods, $15; Ceramic Spheres, At Home, $6 each; Pink and White Vase, Target, $8; Coffee Table Books, HomeGoods, $15-25; Gold Burst Bookends, Pier 1, $28; White and Silver Books, District 5, $40/S, $60/L; Gold Floor Basket, At Home, $25; Polka Dot Pillow, HomeGoods, $17; Gold Basket, HomeGoods, $10; Tic Tac Toe, Target, $11; Green Succulent, Creative By Nature HOME, $5; Black and White Shag Rug, Tuesday Morning, $60; Alpaca Fur Ottoman, District 5, $429.

Serenity Seeker

If you want your home to be a peaceful oasis, then minimalism is your vibe. Rule of thumb: less is more, especially when it comes to styling shelves. The color palette is kept simple, and black, white and relaxing natural hues are the choices here. The shelves appear almost effortless, with clean lines, pattern and texture. A touch of green brings a breath of fresh air, keeping the space warm and cozy. A simple round mirror, instead of art, completes the look.

Round Mirror, HomeGoods, $25; Floor Lamp, At Home, $60; Candlesticks, At Home, $6/S, $8/L; Fern, Target, $25; Tan Handle Tray, Target, $25; Modern Face Vase, At Home, $15; Brown/Cream Circle Vase, Target, $5; Cream/Brown Circle Bowl, Target, $25; Cream Basket, Target, $15; Black/Brown Bowl, At Home, $30; Black and White Spheres, Pier 1, $2 each; White Bubble Bowl, Creative By Nature HOME, $54; Floor Pillow, Target, $30; Stool, HomeGoods, $40; 5×7 Chevron Rug, Target, $130.

Cultured Traveler

Like a photograph, a display can tell 1,000 words: about the places you’ve been, treasures you’ve collected and novels you’ve read. In this look, stacks of vintage books showcase small keepsakes that alone would get lost on the shelf. The driftwood and wooden sphere bring a natural element, while the hide box adds texture and beautifully displays the calligraphy brush. The colors, kept warm, also feature the worldly touch of brass.

Wood Lamp, At Home, $50; Set of Two Bird Bookends, District 5, $220; Driftwood, Creative By Nature HOME, $16; Large Wood Sphere, Front Door Fabrics and Interiors, $75; Horn on Acrylic Base, At Home, $30; Vintage Books Set of 25, Etsy, $54; Foo Dog, 2 Twenty 2 Interiors at Black Lion, $38; Wood Bead Garland, Hobby Lobby, $16; Calligraphy Brush, Front Door Fabrics and Interiors, $29; Hide Box, District 5, $280; Moss Ball, Creative By Nature HOME, $12; Wood Bowl, Home Goods, $25; Old World Spheres, Pier 1, $50; Rug, Tuesday Morning, $100; Gold Table, HomeGoods, $80; Floor Pillow, Target, $35; Landscape Print, 2 Twenty 2 Interiors at Black Lion, $300.