A new way to renovate your home


If you’re looking for a cost-effective option to boost your home’s value, there’s an innovative and eco-friendly trend in home renovations, thanks to Spray-Net.

Spray-Net offers Charlotte homeowners a smarter way to paint homes, and it isn’t with a fancier brush.

Spray-Net has invented a patented process to renovate and paint the exterior of your home. Whether your home is clad with stucco, brick or siding — or you want to update the look of your windows and doors — Spray-Net can restore a factory-quality finish to your home’s exterior and make it look brand new.


Spray-Net was born out of the problem with traditional painting that many Charlotte homeowners know all too well. “The issue with painting homes in the Charlotte area using traditional paint is the paint doesn’t last very long. After sitting through long, hot summers, it can quickly fade and expose the underlying surface to harsh elements,” says Spray-Net’s founder Carmelo Marsala. “Once these two things happen, other issues can affect the look of the home and lead to unexpected renovation costs.”

Through a combination of custom chemistry and a relentless focus, Marsala discovered a way to create more durable and longer-lasting paint and process. In fact, Spray-Net’s paint is so durable the company offers a 15-year warranty on peeling or chipping. This guarantee is transferable, a value-added feature for anyone looking to sell their home.

The best part is that Spray-Net’s cost to paint your home is comparable to that of a professional painting company. Spray-Net manufacturers all its paint to ensure its high-quality standards are always met.