The unusual furniture hardware pictured here from Addison Weeks puts a finishing touch on a room. Design by Barrie Benson Design for Highland House Furniture

Story Lines

Blend color and texture to personalize your home’s interior

By Marcie Padgett

Today’s emerging home trends are easy to characterize; they focus on color, texture and how the two blend with your design pieces to tell a story.

Think of these ideas as fashion accessories for your home that create your personal style.


Wallpaper with lots of movement and color is a popular choice to add artistic flow to your home. Photo courtesy of Addison Weeks

Original Art

Original art that has been turned into grass-cloth wallpaper is a great way to add both color and art at the same time. Windy O’Connor is a wonderful Charlotte resource for artful wallpaper. "Social Butterfly" is the name of this O'Connor creation.


Another material that makes a statement but doesn’t cover up patterns, colors and textures is Lucite. Think about cabinet hardware, drapery rods, furniture and lighting in the hard, clear plastic to enhance but not overwhelm. This lucite light fixture is from Lee Lighting in Pineville.


To accentuate cabinetry and furniture, consider distinctive hardware. Addison Weeks, located in Charlotte, has a beautiful selection of uncommon hardware, as seen here.


Naturally woven rugs express a less formal look, and bold patterns can tie colors together. Photo courtesy of Addison Weeks

Negative Space

Don’t be afraid of some negative space. Less can be more, especially until you find the pieces that complete your design story. Photo courtesy of Addison Weeks


Furniture does not have to match. Patterns or textures can be mixed, as can furniture styles. Photo courtesy of Windy O'Connor