The Wegmans Way

Charlotte’s first Wegmans to open on the Ballantyne® campus

By Allie Papajohn  |  Images courtesy of Wegmans

Good things come to those who wait.

In 2026, Ballantyne will become the home of Charlotte’s very first Wegmans Food Market — a family-owned grocery store founded in Rochester, New York, in 1916.

Although, “grocery store” isn’t a complete description. Sure, this mecca (Charlotte’s will span 110,000 square feet) is home to fresh produce, shelf-stable items, a deli, a bakery and everything else in your neighborhood market. But the regional supermarket, with 111 stores and counting, boasts much more.

For starters, a critical component of Wegmans is its fans.

“The enthusiasm … we have had so many letters, emails, notes and social media posts of excitement of people saying, ‘Please bring Wegmans to Charlotte!’” says Hallie Johnston, North Carolina district manager for Wegmans. “And we’re really excited to meet that demand.”

Wegmans fans rave about numerous things, including the store's many pastries, its friendly staff and its large wine selection.

A Facebook page titled “Bring Wegmans to Charlotte” is home to more than 7,500 members, all dedicated to the singular cause. Perusing through hundreds of posts will help anyone unfamiliar with the brand see the love and passion its shoppers have, and it’s hard not to catch on to that feeling.

The Wegmans team, too, is thrilled to finally be a part of the Queen City.

“We’ve looked at entry into Charlotte, Ballantyne specifically, for its vibrant community, strong local economy and the strategic location, offering accessibility and visibility to our customers,” says Johnston.

Ballantyne proves to be the perfect home for this powerhouse, thanks to ample space available for its large building and parking lot.

“Our team shares the community’s excitement for Wegmans selecting Ballantyne as its first Charlotte location,” says Christina Thigpen, senior vice president of marketing and communications at Northwood Office. “Our location will provide a convenient option for residents to access a high-quality grocer known for elevating the shopping experience, and we know Wegmans’ signature market café will be a go-to lunch spot for office customers and the greater area.”