Winter Desserts to Try

Tasty and delightful treats from three local eateries

Text and photos by Pernisha Gaines

Posted on February 7, 2023

In the mood for something sweet this winter? You’ll want to try these decadent desserts available near the Ballantyne campus. All three establishments offer tasty and delightful indulgences. From prune cakes to tiramisu, every bite has a history behind it, and each customer will find something they enjoy, whether with a sweetheart or friend or savoring each bite for themselves.

The brigadeiro, traditional fudge balls covered in chocolate sprinkles, at Brazilian Eats and Treats
The decadent display of goodies at Brazilian Eats and Treats

Brazilian Eats and Treats

Brazilian Eats and Treats reels in customers with a fork full of prune cake. Then try the coxinha, a flaky pastry stuffed with cheese and chicken, a local’s favorite, and the brigadeiro, traditional fudge balls covered in chocolate sprinkles. Owners Marcia Sanabria and James Plyler want everyone to feel like they are coming to their second home when they sit and savor the flavors of creamy cocoa in their brigadeiros.

Like the peanut crunch cake, or the passionfruit cake in a cup, these desserts all stem from the enjoyment and memories of family in the kitchen, and family is precisely who is serving its patrons. Customers get the lovely taste of authentic Brazilian ingredients in every recipe. 16049 Johnston Rd., Suite K

The fried ice cream rolled in cornflakes and flan at Zapata Mexican Restaurant

Zapata Mexican Restaurant

Fried ice cream is not typically the first dessert on the list for winter, but Zapata Mexican Restaurant staff believes otherwise. A frozen rich vanilla cream is deep fried in corn flakes with honey, cinnamon with sugar, and topped with whipped cream and the tartness of strawberry sauce.

The fried flour tortilla it sits on can be used as a spoon for dipping, adding an extra crunch. Another great, well-known dessert is the flan. Customers love it for its creamy and smooth texture and milky caramel taste that guests have enjoyed for the last 23 years. 15105 John J Delaney Dr.

The tiramisu and three-layered chocolate cake at Zinicola


Zinicola’s owner Richard Cranmer has built relationships with customers through highly rated Italian cuisine and “conversation.” Among those conversations are Nutella, chocolate and tiramisu. For a combination of comfort and deliciousness, winter is a great time to indulge in their rich three-layered chocolate cake bursting with chocolate on every layer, topped with creamy frosting, sauce and chocolate chips.

Another classic, the tiramisu, is prepared with amaretto, lady fingers and mascarpone. The light, airy taste is a go-to after meals. Cranmer grew up eating tiramisu, and since his childhood, the dessert has evolved from Frangelico to Amaretto liqueur and is a must-try for new customers, along with the Nutella crème brû·​lée. Keeping its nostalgic flair, the Nutella crème brû·​lée comes with a crunch of sweetness and the bold Nutella flavor that many are familiar with and love to enjoy. 14835 Ballantyne Village Way, Suite 140