ACC Network Launches with Presence in Ballantyne

The new ACC Network (ACCN) is a collaboration between the Atlantic Coast Conference and ESPN. It launched in late August 2019 and will provide TV and digital coverage of college football, basketball and all 27 ACC-sponsored sports, as well as original programming.

ACCN’s business teams and game production staff (those who go out and physically produce the football and basketball games) are based in ESPN’s office in Ballantyne.

“This is a further demonstration of the growing businesses across the Charlotte area and in Ballantyne, and the ongoing commitment ESPN has made to be in Ballantyne,” says Stacie McCollum, ESPN’s senior director of programming and acquisitions. “We’ve added staff to this office and expanded the business team. Our facility in Charlotte has grown over the years to be an anchor for ESPN as a whole.”

The studio production team that creates original programs such as the pregame football show “The Huddle” is housed in ESPN’s Bristol, Connecticut, office. The Ballantyne and Bristol studios are connected with fiber infrastructure that “allows us to send content up and down the various lines,” says McCollum.

“I think it’s important that people understand that this network is catering very specifically to the ACC fan base,” McCollum adds. “It’s not like any other network that we have launched in the past. It’s truly about the ACC and its brand.”

For the latest updates and list of video providers, visit You can also contact your pay TV provider if you want to request that it carry ACCN as part of its channel lineup.

ACCN’s digital platform, ACCNE, will include hundreds of live events and will be available to ACCN subscribers on various digital devices. ACCN is also available via the ESPN app.