Ballantyne Cucumber Mint Mulep

12 ounce copper mule mug, julep cup or other vessel

Strainer (optional)

4 ounces Gosling’s ginger beer (can substitute Barritt’s, Fever Tree, or other quality ginger beer)

2 ounces Ballantyne Private Select Maker’s Mark Bourbon (can substitute Maker’s Mark Cask Strength Bourbon, or any other 100+ proof bourbon)

1 ounce simple syrup (can substitute prepared mint simple syrup to make the cocktail mintier)

3/4 ounce fresh lime juice

3 dashes Bittermans “Buckspice” Ginger Bitters (can substitute other flavored bitters)


For muddling:

3 mint leaves

1 cucumber wheel

1 lime wheel

For garnish:

1 tall sprig of mint

1 cucumber wheel

1 lime wheel

Place the mint leaves, cucumber wheel and one lime wheel into the cup; then add the simple syrup, lime juice and bitters. Muddle hard for approximately 10-15 seconds. Keep the mixture as is in the cup for a more intense drink, or strain the liquid contents twice for a smoother, non-pulp version, and return to the cup. Next fill the cup with ice on top of the muddled mixture, then add the bourbon and top with the ginger beer to finish. Place the cucumber and other lime wheel on the lip of the cup, and complete the garnish by inserting the tall mint sprig so it sticks up out of the drink.

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