Ballantyne Reimagined Advances with City’s Approval

Northwood announces that City Council has approved the rezoning petition for Ballantyne Reimagined. The Northwood team says it appreciates the months of productive dialogue with Mayor Lyles, members of City Council, County Commissioners, NCDOT, CDOT and City/County staff to make Ballantyne Reimagined a reality.

Northwood’s vision for Ballantyne Reimagined provides a thoughtful, holistic solution to benefit all. The redevelopment expects to create the opportunity for 7,000 permanent jobs and 5,500 construction jobs, as well as parks and green space for all to enjoy, a substantial commitment to affordable housing at mixed-income levels, improved transportation options, and an amphitheater for arts and culture.

Ballantyne Reimagined exemplifies opportunity. In addition to its positive economic impact on the area, the project will make Ballantyne more accessible to all by embracing inclusion and contributing to social change. The Northwood team says it is eager to make a difference in the community.

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